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“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day”
– E.B White

{HAGAI 花開} 於2014年春天發行創刊號,以集合體(collective)的概念,探尋著當代思潮、藝術、設計、音樂、科技發展、政治觀察,透過身邊認真的青年藝文創作者的著作分享,企圖成為時代的探針,於各領域的交界處以知識的追求為手段連結彼此,以巨大而深層的力量綻放。邀請大家一同來體驗各種不一樣的人事物,用心生活,也希望能創造千種文化於任何交叉縫隙之中。

{HAGAI 花開} was born in Spring of 2014. Trekking through the realms of contemporary philosophy, art, design, technological developments and political happenings, as seen through the fresh eyes of the upcoming creative generation. Through publications, exhibitions, talks and events, {HAGAI 花開} aims to bridge the gap between different fields, and create a cross-pollination of cutting edge ideas and brand new possibilities in our contemporary times.